September 28–29, 2018

Actual issues of current interventional cardiology and endovascular surgery were addressed during the Congress. The lecturers from Kazakhstan, Italy, Belgium and Russia elaborated on new methods of treatment, discussed new directions and prospects for the development of endovascular surgery. Program questions on the current state and development prospects were presented in the reports of O.Sakhov, the Head of the X-ray Surgery Department of Almaty City Cardiac Center, S.Alimbaev, the Head of Endovascular Surgery and Radiology of National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center, S.Abseitova, the Chairman of the Management Board of Association of specialists in the field of urgent cardiology.

Professor Alfredo Galassi (Italy) reported on current approaches in the field of treatment of chronic total occlusions and use of current guide wires and Asahi microcatheters for these purposes. He elaborated on the evolution of Asahi guide wires: Miracle, Sion, Sion blue, Sion black, Fielder XT-A, Fielder XT-R, Gaya  and etc. Then he reported on the characteristics of such microcatheters as Corsair, Caravel, and Sasuke ensuring effective surgical interventions.

Two online-translations from the operation rooms in Poland and Italy were presented during the congress. Prof. Roberto Ferraresi (Italy) reported on peripheral stenting with the use of Angiodroid apparatus (Italy) as the injector of  CO2 contrast medium.  The attendes saw with their own eyes the effective visualization of the process in line with the safety for the patient.

A.Zhanov (Almaty) reported on new domestic manufacturer of high-quality medical devices recently opened in Almaty region. Clever Medical plant, which meets all European requirements, starts the manufacturing of high-quality products for the needs of Kazakhstan’s surgery, with further plans to export to nearby countries.

Endovascular neurosurgery section was also presented at the conference. They reported on the experience of intra- and extracranial stenosis and occlusions treatment in the Central Clinical Hospital of Almaty, stroke treatment at the National Scientific Neuro Surgery Center of Astana, at the city hospital #7 of Almaty, and the experience of X-ray surgeons in East Kazakhstan.

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