May 29–30, 2014

On 29-30th May 2014 I Regional Conference of Cardiologists and Cardiosurgeons named “The perspectives of regional cardiology and cardiosurgery” took place in the House of Friendship (Dom Druzhby). The conference was organized by the Regional Cardiosurgical Center of the city of Pavlodar in association with Public Health Department of Pavlodar area.

Conference guests:

  • Dzhoshibayev Seytkhan Dzhoshibaevich – Professor, Head of Association of cardiosurgeons of Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Abseitova Saule Raimbekovna – Candidate of Medical Science, Associate professor, Head cardiologist of Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Ostrovsky Yuri Petrovich – Professor, Head non-staff cardiosurgeon of Ministry of Public Health of Belarus;
  • Chesnov Yuri Mikhailovich – Doctor of Medical Science, Head non-staff pediatric cardiosurgeon of Ministry of Public Health of Belarus;
  • Kurlyanskaya Elena Konstantinovna – Director of the Laboratory of chronic cardio diseases, Candidate of Medical Science, Republican Research and Practice Centre “Cardiology”, Minsk, Belarus;
  • Rachkauskas Ideminas – Athmologist, “Santarizhkas” Clinic, Vilnus, Lithuania;
  • Winfred Dramburg – Doctor, Schtolberg, Germany;
  • Kakhktsyan Pavel Varazdatovich - Candidate of Medical Science, Senior research assistant at the Department of reconstructive surgery of cardiac valves and coronary arteries, Bakoulev Scientific Centre of Cardiovascular Surgery of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, Moscow;
  • Odintsov Vitaly – Cardiosurgeon of 2nd cardiosurgical department, Republican Research and Practice Centre “Cardiology”, Minsk, Belarus;
  • Tshetinko Nikolai - Cardiosurgeon of 2nd cardiosurgical department, Republican Research and Practice Centre “Cardiology”, Minsk, Belarus;
  • Akilzhanova Aynura Rakhmetullaievna - Doctor of Medical Science, PhD, Nazarbaiev University, Life Science Center, Astana, Kazakhstan.

On 29th May on the base of Republican State Enterprise on the right of economic jurisdiction of “Regional Cardiosurgical Center of the city of Pavlodar” 2 workshops for cardiosurgeons were organized for the first time in our area:

  • Reconstructive surgery of anterior mitral leaflet plasty with pericardial patch – Kakhktsyan P.V., Candidate of Medical Science, Moscow, the age of the patient – 48 years.
  • Ventricular septal defect plasty followed by tricuspid plasty, Doctor of Medical Science Chesnov Y.M., Minsk. The age of the child – 1 year 7 months.

On 30th May there was a Conference in the House of Friendship with participation of cardiologists, cardiosurgeons, functional diagnostics doctors, arrhythmologists, cardio resuscitators, X_Ray vascular surgeons, therapeutists, pediatricians of Pavlodar and Eastern-Kazakhstan areas and the cities of Zhambyl, Karaganda, Almaty, Astana, Petropavlovsk, Kokchetav. Altogether there were 219 participants.

The Conference was opened by Sadibekov Gani Kalybaievich, Deputy Akim of Pavlodar area.

Welcome speech was also held by Abseitova S.R., Head cardiologist of Ministry of public health of Republic Kazakhstan, and Dzhoshibaev S.D., Head of the Association of cardio surgeons. They stated that this was a big and important event for regional experts in the field of cardiology and cardio surgery. It was particularly pleasant that the leading experts from both near and far abroad countries accepted the invitation. Such events make it possible to exchange the experience in the sphere of leading technologies, to raise competence level, to improve the quality of medical services. This conference was a good start for establishing the tradition of running regional conferences every year.

The participants listened to the reports about the latest news in the development of cardiological, cardiosurgical and rehabilitation services.

1st Regional Conference of Cardiologists and Cardiosurgeons became a conversation ground for the regional experts and gave an opportunity to learn about the new tendencies in the development of cardiosurgery and new technologies in treatment and diagnosing of cardio vascular system diseases.

The guests noticed that the positive result of these meetings and the exchange of the unique experience between the experts from different regions and republics will not be long in coming.

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