March 1–2, 2019

On March 01-02, 2019 the International Symposium “Advanced Technologies of Endovascular Neurosurgery in Kazakhstan” took place in Almaty. This important event was organized by LLP “Medcor” together with the manufacturing companies MicroVention (the USA) and ASAHI INTECC (Japan).

The event was on the current problems of neuroendovascular surgery: embolization of brain aneurisms, carotid and intracranial stenting and thromboaspirational treatment of ischemic strokes.

Dmitriy Shcheglov (Research and Practical Center of Endovascular Neuroradiology Kiev, Ukraine), Erbol Makhambetov (National Center for Neurosurgery, Astana, Kazakhstan), Mynzhylky Berdikhodzhaev (Central Clinical Hospital, Almaty, Kazakhstan) were the moderators of the first day of the event.

Erbol Makhambetov opened the event and described its main goal and plan.

Dmitriy Shcheglov described his experience of treatment of brain vessel pathologies in a detailed and informative report. He mentioned all the basic modern ways and methods of treatment.

Aija Plinka (Riga, Latvia) and Monica Percolla (Milan, Italy) told about main development tendencies of the neuroendovascular technologies.

The top neuroendovascular surgeons of Kazakhstan analyzed the practical experience of treatment of the aforementioned pathologies in their reports.

The first day of the event ended with a formal dinner in honor of the participants.

The second day of the event was on the workshop of endovascular treatment of aneurysms and carotid stenosis. It was based on the Central Clinical Hospital of Almaty. The representative surgical operations (the Head of the Neurosurgical Center Mynzhylky Berdikhodzhayev was the operator and organizer) were performed and their results were discussed. The doctors had an opportunity to take part in a training session of endovascular neurosurgery skills, using the flow-oriented models.

You can watch the workshop videos at:

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