December 8–9, 2018

December 8-9, 2018 by now traditional debating Neuro Course was held in the Central Clinical Hospital JSC, Almaty. The scope of the present Neuro Course is “Ischaemic stroke. Practical course on mechanical thrombectomy. Pain management. Innovations in surgery of epilepsy. Spinal neurosurgery: challenging patient”. This event is the third in succession.

Physicians of different specialties, such as neurosurgeons, professionals in the field of endovascular X-ray surgery, neurologists, specialists in the field of functional diagnostics, neurophysiologists, oncologists as well as health officials from all regions of Kazakhstan took participation in the event. Moreover, foreign guests from Germany, Russia, Byelorussia and other countries took meaningful participation. The key to breakout success of the Neuro Course was its interdisciplinarity. The information was interesting for the doctors of different specialties.

The first day of the event was devoted to the problem of ischaemic stroke. The range of questions related to this problem was addressed in a whole. You may see the transmission of the first day of the Course at:  

The report of Dr. Karlis Kups (Riga) reflected data on current methods of endovascular treatment of ischaemic stroke used in Latvia. Elena Ainabekova, the Chief neurologist of East Kazakhstan region (Oskemen), reported on the opinion of neurologists related to the problem of peracute stroke and on the progress of the region in the field of rapid diagnostic and emergency delivery of the patients for necessary medical treatment. Kuatzhan Abishov, endovascular surgeon (Oskemen), traversed a problem of peracute stroke through the lens of a specialist in the field of X-ray surgery.

An important problem of endovascular treatment of cerebral vasospasm was disclosed in the report of Marat Sarshaev (Almaty). Azamat Zhailganov (Astana) reported on the drainage system in patients with subarachnoid haemorrhages.

Baurzhan Ormanov (Almaty) drew the attention of attendees to the underinvestigated problems of an open oval window and a cryptogenic stroke.

Meruert Saifullakyzy (Astana) provided a very informative report on the methods used in urgent diagnostic and neuro-visualization of the stroke in the Medical Centre Hospital of the President's Affairs Administration.

Manufacturing companies and distributors of surgical supply cost took participation in Satellite Symposium. Cristoph Welp (Germany) reported on the properties and possible use of Sofia plus distal access catheter manufactured by Microvention (USA).

The transmissions of surgeries provided later were informative and interesting. 

Such famous surgeons as Kirill Orlov (Novosibirsk), Evgeny Kissurin (Minsk), Azat Shpekov (Astana) and others provided data on interesting and rare clinical cases.

All attendees were involved in the discussion of the reports and surgical operations. A plenty of questions were arisen.

The exercises on simulators for improvement of practical skills in the use of devices and consumables turned out to be very useful.

In particular, the doctors were familiarized with a simulator of a new device EmPro (Microvention, USA) intended for the prevention of distal embolism.

Cristoph Welp (Germany) and Aija Plinka (Latvia) demonstrated the above-mentioned device (see the photo). 

The second day of the course was also eventful. Ivan Volkov (St. Petersburg), Tatyana Ostretsova (Aktobe) and other lecturers dwelled on the issues of pain therapy. 

Azat Shpekov (Astana) reported on the achievements in the surgical treatment of epilepsy. Surgical operations were performed. Work on simulators was continued. The transmittion of the second day of the Neuro Course is available at:  .

In conclusion, the speakers unanimously noted the high level of Neuro Course performed, interesting order of business and standout event preparation. The attendees expressed gratitude and acknowledgement for this to the planners of the event (see photo), namely to the officials of the Center of Neurosurgery at Central clinical hospital directed by Mynzhylky Saylauovich Berdikhodzhaev.

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