October 1, 2018

EuroPCRonline and Biosensors published the new information about Global Leaders Trial.

To summarize the important points:

  1. Global Leaders is a trial to study two different forms of Dual Antiplatelet Therapies. All 16.000 patients had Biomatrix stent implanted and the result is: Long-term ticagrelor monotherapy after stenting does not improve outcomes vs standard dual antiplatelet therapy.
  2. The most important message from GLOBAL LEADERS (GL) for BMX stents:
  • BioMatrix Neoflex has a very low 0.8% 2 year stent thrombosis rate in all-comer patients
  • The TVR rates were approx 5% in both arms which once again confirms the efficacy of BioMatrix in very large all-comers study

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